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‘We Need to Talk About the Ducks’ is a brand radio drama series that follows the story of Ella, a woman in her early thirties, living in Dublin city, dealing with the aftermath of the death of her best friend and room-mate, George. There is mystery surrounding George’s death, of how it happened.

Ella keeps thinking about the past, re-living their memories together - perhaps there’s something she missed or something she can’t remember. Ella can’t move on until she figures it out, and most importantly, she needs to know if she should’ve seen it coming.

A darkly comic story about grief, friendship, love and rubber ducks?

Creative Team:

Written by Emily Gillmor Murphy

Directed by Ciaran Gallagher,

Mixed with Sound and Editing by Connor Dee, Colin Doran and Ciarán Gallagher..

Additional Script Editing by Peter Dunne  


Joanna Kelly,

Seán Doyle,

Finbarr Doyle,

Stephen Jones,

Meadhbh Maxwell

Deborah Wiseman.

Funded by Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). And Supported by 103.2 Dublin City FM and Arts Council Ireland.

We Need to Talk About the Ducks

We Need to Talk About the Duck poster.jpg
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