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A Boy called nedd: Projects


"I'm the Big Bad Wolf who wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood.


I'm the witch who wants to boil Hansel and Gretel alive.


I'm the evil creature that mothers warn their children about. I don't want to be a mother.

So that makes me a monster?" 

First performed in Theatre Upstairs 2017. 

Creative Team:

Written by Emily Gillmor Murphy, Directed by Karl Shiels, Set Design by Lisa Krugel, Lighting Design by Eoin Stapleton, Co-produced by Laura Honan and Emily Gillmor Murphy.


Aisling O'Mara,

Michael Glenn Murphy

Jamie O'Neill.

‘Monster? is a powerful piece of modern theatre that is challenging but oddly fun… a stimulating 60 minutes of theatre that is well worth checking out and, beyond the laughs, is incredibly thought provoking.’ The Reviews Hub..

Originally Co Produced by EGM Productions and Theatre Upstairs.



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