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A Boy called nedd: Projects

Tonight is the grand re-opening of The Butcher Library, where acclaimed Historian Alice Levine will take us on a journey through the colourful and sometimes disturbing history of the building.

Can evil live in a place? If you’re brave enough you can find out; Just sit in the dark with us, and listen...'

BLIND' is a 30 minute immersive audio horror experience, utilising binaural sound and 3D sensory effects createing a truly unique at-home horror experience. All you need to experience 'Blind' is headphones and a dark room.

Creative Team:

Created by Emily Gillmor Murphy & Ciaran Gallagher. Produced and Designed by Ciaran Gallagher and Colin Doran.  


Martha Breen,

Niamh McPhillips

Aonghus Óg Mc Anally.


First premiered online via 2020

‘Blind’ is not to be missed… For 30 mins you are trapped in the dark… and the only way to get through is to keep listening.’  Headstuff.


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