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A Boy called nedd: Projects

'After all life is about having a good story.... isn't it?'

Theodore Burn, an ageing best selling writer, reveals to Dani, a young nurse, his final tale of horror. But unlike his other stories, this gruesome tale of murder and fantasy may just be real...

Creative Team:

Written and Produced by Emily Gillmor Murphy,

Directed and Designed by Ciaran Gallagher. 


Bryan Burroughs,

Sinead Keegan 

Philip Arneill.

First performed in Pearse Centre Theatre and Whale Theatre Greystones 2019.

Supported by FringeLab.

‘The play has everything you would want in a horror story. An old setting, werewolves, ghosts and of course murder… The acting is excellent… I have no doubt we will see this again in the future.’   Headstuff.


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Poster Image Phillip Arneil


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